About us

Every cake in our kitchen is freshly baked in the most hygienic conditions and individually hand-crafted by using top quality ingredients. This is to ensure that you can order from us with complete confidence that your cake will taste as good as it looks. We are passionate about providing a warm, professional and ultimately delicious service to our customers, both in terms of product and customer care. We love our shop and many tempting creations. Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just an evening at home, Cake House has the perfect custom-made, personalized cake for you and your family. Apart from cakes we also serve other confectionaries like cookies, homemade chocolates, desserts and much more.

Our Advantages

  • Cake House has become a well known destination, among cake shop online, for people in need of these baked items. At our place, the kitchens are having high end instruments for the purpose of laying out orders, which is in hordes.

  • The feature which needs to be satisfied is the variety on offer and personalised customer service

  • Variety in cakes is our forte. At a moment’s notice, we provide high quality birthday cakes and customised cakes for any occasion.

  • We initiate the process of preparing the fresh order, pack it with suitable cover boxes and proceed with the cake delivery